Production of polymer compounds

Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene

Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene with modifying additives. 

  • superior hardness, high impact number. Normal operating temperatures range is from -50 to +135°С.
  • High resistance to water, antifreezing agent, acids, alkalies, electrilytes, salt solutions, oils and polar sovents.
  • In some cases can replace metals, thermosetting materials (phenolic moulding material grade AG-4V, glass fiber reinforced moulding material DSV), more expensive thermoplastics, providing reduction of weight and price, increasing resistance to corrosion and chemical resistance.  


Long-term durability when being simultaneously affected by elevated temperatures and significant mechanical impacts, including alternating stress, water vapours and chemical substances: oil, petrol, diesel, fuel, brake fluid.

Resistant to alkalies, weak acids, electrolites, non-polar solvents and salt solutions. 

Normal operating temperature range is from -60ºС to +150ºС.


Colours — natural, white, black. Other colors are available upon request.

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