Production of polymer compounds

Flame retardant Polyamide 6

Polyamide 6 with high quality fire-retardant additives.
It is exibits the highest degree of fire resistance - V0, higher toughness and enhanced impact resistance.
Normal operating temperature range is from -60ºС to +150ºС.
High electrical strength and dielectric properties especially when working in medium or in oil vapours, nonpolar solvents.



  • housings for electic appliances, for example, for electric power meters.
  • helmets for firefighters.
  • ash receiver housings for automobile.
  • housings and components for industrial and household electrical equipment, including unplugging protection equipment.
  • products and components for electrical equipment, for example, socket base and covers of electric receptacle, contactor starters.
  • household lightning appliances.
  • segments for sparking plugs of automobile.
  • cover and frame of sparking coil of automobile. 

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