Production of polymer compounds


  • Material belongs to highest flammability resistant class (V0).
  • High track resistance (above 250 V).
  • High electric strength (above 30 kV/mm), high specific electrical resistance. Properties remains in moist environment.
  • Normal operating temperature range is from -40 to +130° С.


For producing parts of television and radio electronics, products of electric purpose, goods of popular consumption.

  • Housing of electronic control package of washing machine.
  • Cover of distributor in noncontact scheme.
  • Housing of safety device. Unsoldering boxes. Packet for wiring assembling. Electrical and electric installation products.
  • Plugs terminals of electric meter. Housing and cover of carriage lamp. 
  • Colour

    Natural, grey. Other colors are available upon request.

  • Packaging

    Polypropylene bag with PE liner of 30 kgs net. Can be transported on wooden pallets wrapped in stretch film (1200 kg).

  • Processing

    • processed by moulding under pressure on thermoplastic automatic machine or by extrusion.
    • moulding in the absence of surface moisture.
    • melting temperature 210-230°С.
    • mould cavity temperature 35-65°С.
    • mould pressure – 80-100 МPа.

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