Production of polymer compounds


Polyethylene is a colorless thermoplastic non-polar polymer. It belonging to the class of polyolefins. It producing as high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE). Besides, there are varieties of polyethylene, which differs from traditional by higher performance - linear low density polyethylene.


Primary poylethylene properties:

chemical resistance and frostproof up to -70°С, thermal stability up to 60°С (LDPE) and up to 100 °С (HDPE), good dielectric properties, increased impact resistance, stable to water influence, do not react with alcali of any concentration, with neutral, acid solutions and basic salts, organic and inorganic acids, even with concentrated sulphuric acid, but decompose at  influence of 50% azotic acid at  room temperature and under influence of liquid and gaseous chlorine and fluorine. Melting point of LDPE - 105°С, HDPE - 135°С. The essential lack of polyethylene is it's fast ageing.

By own structure and properties, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE differs, and, accordingly, used for defferent tasks. LDPE is soft material, HDPE and LLDPE has hard structure.

Polyethylene in Ukraine: application

- films;
- tare (jar, bottle, container, box, canister);
- tubes and parts for canalization, water and gas service;
- electric insulating products;
- cable jackets.

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