Production of polymer compounds


Polyamides are widely used as electric insulation, engineering and antifriction material in motor vehicle, aircraft industries, electrical engineering, oil industry, electronics, and also in medicine. Production of fabrics, fibers, glues, varnish, tubes and parts of equipments and machines are made from polyamides. Besides, they used for films, carpets and many other products.

Products from polyamides belongs to practically every field of human activity. Polyamides In due time even produced of beginning in textile industry: first synthetical fibers was received from polyamide.

Poductions of polyamides is absent In Ukraine. However our company offer high quality material for competitive price, which allows to buy polyamide on most profitable terms.

Firm "TANA", which works on the market over 20 years, ready to offer to enterprises in motor vehicle, furniture, tube, electrical industries and machine building, products with high stable quality for competitive prices. Read detailes about us on site


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