Production of polymer compounds

About company

"TANA" was founded in 1992 by business team of experts in polymeric materials.

“TANA” is famous in Ukraine, in the CIS countries and outside of the Commonwealth of Independent States as manufacturer and supplier of polymeric compounds based on polypropylenes and polyamides. Today the company is a major manufacturing and commercial center promoting self-manufactured polymeric materials and polymeric materials from leading global producers.
Since the date of its establishment the company has been carrying out two main activities  – manufacturing of polymer based compounds represented by Manufacturing and Commercial firm "TANA" Ltd. (MCF “TANA” Ltd.) and wholesaling of polymer materials represented by "TANA" Trading House Ltd.

Polyamide 6 (PA6), Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6) and polypropylene were chosen by Manufacturing and Commercial firm "TANA" as basic polymers, because these thermoplastic materials are widely represented in Ukrainian and Russian markets of bulk polymers. Use of these polymers offers great opportunities for development of brand-name compounds possessing wide range of consumer properties, but what is more important is that these polymers are very perspective from ecological point of view, in other words, these materials can be easily recycled to be used in the same or different industrial fields and under appropriate processing conditions do not change their properties.

Manufacturing and Commercial firm "TANA" has developed their own formulations that provided the basis for brand collection of polypropylene and polyamide based compounds. New technical norms and specifications have been developed. At present the products manufactured by the company have found their wide application in motor vehicle industry, construction, in production of furniture and accessories, in electrical engineering and electronics.
In September 2002 according to the plan of production development and modernization "TANA" installed new state-of-art equipment for production of compounds. The brand collection was added with the following types of polypropylene, PА6 and PА6.6 polyamides based compounds: glass fiber reinforced, mineral reinforced (talk, chalk), elastomer modified and flame retardant compounds.
In 2006 Manufacturing and Commercial firm "ТАNA" was certified to quality management system on compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2001 that allows to guarantee high quality of the products.
MCF "ТАNA" Ltd. successfully competes with a lot of major manufacturers of polymeric materials by offering world-class products and high level of service and technical support.
Our managers and process engineers will help you to choose the required type of polymers will provide necessary technical information and will recommend proper process conditions. If required we are ready to develop new types of polymer compounds, to visit your production site for consultations on finished polymer composite materials and to discuss the supply of polymer composite materials designed for particular article. Close cooperation with customers makes it possible to meet all their requirements.

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